Our Mission

Editors have to sift through thousands of Music cues and Sound Effects to find the perfect match. The process can become even more tedious when they’re pressed for time, and mislabeled or improperly formatted tracks can be easily missed, which means your music will go unnoticed.
With over 100 albums published worldwide on leading music platforms such as Source Audio, Disco, Sound Cloud, AsoundEffects, Artilist, and Soundly. We can help you rise above the competition. These are the go-to platforms where editors and music supervisors look for Music and SFX, making it crucial for your tracks to be properly formatted and tagged.
Let us help you tag and prep your tracks that meet industry standards, giving you an edge in the market. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your tracks will be found.

Our Services


UCS , Mp3 ID3, Adobe XMP, Bwave, iXML for Soundminer, Basehead, SourceAudio, Audiofinder, iTunes, Soundly, ProTools, Avid, Adobe and more.

Artwork Embedding

Make your tracks unforgetable with your artwork embedded in each file..

File Conversions

Files to match any standard. Bwav, Aiff, Flac,MP3 and more.

Affordable aND FAST

Affordable, and scalable quotes
for 1 album, or a complete library. Quick turn around. 

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